3D Printing

I enjoy 3D printing as a hobby, here are some of my latest 3D prints. I design using SketchUp, Meshmixer, and Blender. Some of my DIY are available on Instructables.

Downtown Montreal Cityscape

I've developed a script to quickly model low-polygon cities and export the model for 3D impression. Reddit Threads: Montreal, 3D Printing.

Montreal 3D Printed #architecture #3dprinting #montreal #montrealart

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BB-8 Droid (Star Wars) 3D Printed and Remote Controlled

My first version of a 3D Printed BB-8, the new robot from Star Wars: The Force Awakens‎. Designed in SketchUp, 3D printed, and painted. Powered by an Arduino Board and remote controlled. This droid self-balance on two wheels, play sounds, and has several programmable LEDs. Featured on IGN, 3DPrint.com, LiveScience, DigitalTrends, 3ders.org, Artmel.

3D Printed Robot, controlled with Arduino, actuated via servos

Won 2nd place at the MakerTron contest. I've designed each piece in SketchUp then 3D Printed. See more pictures, building instructions, and printable STL files on the Pinshape design page. I also made an step-by-step Instructables of the project. Featured on 3ders.org

Photography Turntable

Won 1st place at the Make it Functional competition organized by Google SketchUp and 3D Hubs. The turntable works manually by rotating between shots or automatic via a servo and an Arduino board. 3D Printable files available on the SketchUp Warehouse

3D Printed House in a Shadow Box Frame

Printed my dad's house as a gift. Designed in SketchUp, painted with acrylics, and displayed in 3 pieces within a lighted shadow box frame. Here is the step-by-step Instructable of how I completed this project. Featured on 3DPrint.com

Village tile

Lac-Megantic, my parent's hometown as a gift. It's modeled using SketchUp using Google Maps and Street View as references. It's then 3D Printed 8x6 inches over 10 hours at 0.1mm resolution, and then painted using acrylics. Step-by-step Instructables, Reddit thread about this project, local newspaper article about this project.

The Impossible Triangle

My entry to the #3DPrintFacade challenge. The impossible triangle, inspired by M.C. Escher