Software Projects

Some of my programming and software engineering projects. My main go-to languages are JavaScript, C++, and Python. These days I'm experimenting developing products using Machine Learning.

Startup Projects

Ether.Fund Ether.Fund

I've started Ether.Fund in 2014 to help the growth of Ethereum. Invested in the crowd-sale (50x ROI @ July 2016 sale) and developed online tools for blockchain-based apps and decentralized applications.

Saltado Saltado

While traveling across South America in 2013, I started Saltado to help that part of the world with eCommerce products used by 1M+ people in a dozen countries. Passive income generators via ads, referrals, premium, etc.

Projects on my GitHub repos

3D Converter

Fast 3D file format converter in C++ supporting OBJ, 3DS, MA, MB, XSI, LWO, DXF, STL, MAT, DAE.

Isomorphic JavaScript

JavaScript libraries that run on the front-end and back-end: (@isomorphicJS)


Full-featured online photo editor built in ActionScript 3.0.

3D Real-Time Raytracer

Real-Time Raytracer supporting materials, refraction, reflection.


Location-based game for mobiles, with real-time updates using Erlang.


Experiments with the Ethereum platform for Ether.Fund (@EtherFund)

Web & Mobile apps for Latin America

While traveling across South America for a year, I made a few MVPs to test eCommerce verticals and passive income generation.

Lugar Lugar

Over 10,000+ real-estate listings of houses and apartments for sale & rent across South America and the Caribbean.

Outsource Outsource

Connecting worldwide companies with hundreds of outsourcing firms located in Latin America.

Vehículo Vehículo

Over 30,000+ listings of cars and motorcycles for sale across 13 countries.

Zapatillas Zapatillas

Online store with over 40+ brands of sneakers for sale in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Past professional projects


Joined Scribd as the first engineer. Created iPaper, the embedable online document viewer used by millions of people every day and the distributed document conversion back-end in C++. Press: Techcrunch, Gigaom.

Gamify HTML5

Gamification Platform and HTML5 game engine where players can instantly join virtual spaces and interact with various game mechanics in modern browsers and phones/tablets. Presse: La Presse, Les Affaires.

World's leading resource, community and tools for the usage of game mechanics in fields such as marketing, enterprise, education, environment, non-profits, entertainment and more. Acquired by Badgeville in June 2012.

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